Janelle Gramling Designs Large Tabletop Gem Planter

Janelle Gramling Designs

Make a design statement. This tabletop planter is simply the best and sure to start a conversation. It comes planted with an incredible Xerographica----a large air plant that doesn’t need any soil to live. This planter is hand built from white porcelain by maker Janelle Gramling. Finished inside and out with a soft matte glaze. To care for the plant keep in indirect sunlight and soak for 20 minutes once a week then shake dry. Because it's handmade, one planter may look slightly different from the next. The plant's texture and shape may also vary a little bit from the one pictured here. Measures approximately 6.25 inches long and the opening is about 6.75 inches at its widest.

This planter pairs beautifully with Janelle's smaller faceted jewel air plant holders----sold separately here.

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