Jenna Vanden Brink Line & Charcoal Tumbler

Jenna Vanden Brink

Handcrafted in our hometown, Jenna Vanden Brink's functional ceramic wares are created with joy in mind. There's a subtle modern whimsy to Jenna's work and that's why we asked to collaborate with her on a collection of pieces for our shop. Staying true to our simple, everyday style, Jenna designed two simple patterns. One pattern is this hand-drawn line, accented by an edge of dark charcoal. The second, which you can find here, is a lovely open dot pattern, accented by an edge of deep teal.

The patterned area on this food and beverage safe ceramic tumbler is glazed with the dark charcoal base showcases the raw, un-glazed surface. Durable and designed to be used and enjoyed everyday, this cup can comfortably hold a generous pour of any hot or cold beverage. Make this your signature coffee cup or collect a set. We recommend hand washing.

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